Pinhole Leaks

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The additional amount of ammonia that’s been added in the imported water in Southern California is reacting with the copper pipes to create pinhole leaks, which aren’t discovered immediately. They tend to seep and spray a little bit and once their damage is exposed it is extremely costly to repair. If the scale is allowed to build up, it does not take long before you have pinhole leaks and clogged pipes and will need to replace them. Prevention and protection against pinholes and scale is a better alternative.






The HealthyHome system is able to remove the chloramines that are thought to cause these pinhole leaks by filtering out that chemical on a whole house basis. This likely makes HealthyHome the most cost effective and best approach to help protect against the scourge of pinhole leaks, and the damage and problems that come along with them. Call Hogan Plumbing today about having a custom HealthyHome Solution installed in your home!



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