Commercial Plumbing Services

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If you want a trustworthy commercial plumber, simply call Hogan Plumbing. We offer professional quality plumbing for businesses of all sizes.

Whether renovating an existing building or designing an innovative new structure, the experienced plumbers at Hogan can assist you. We’ve been handling commercial building jobs for over 100 years and provide ALL plumbing services. Hogan Plumbing knows all the correct permits and pre-planning to do and works in conjunction with local municipalities and ordinances to make sure your project is completed successfully!






Our priority is to provide you with an affordable and long-term solution for your commercial property.

Commercial Services:

  •  Install commercial grade fixtures
  •  Repair / replace pipes
  •  Drain & sewer cleaning
  •  Sewer line maintenance programs
  •  Sewer line replacement
  •  Commercial grade sinks & toilets
  •  ADA requirements
  •  Water Fountains
  •  Eye Wash Units
  •  Gas line installations
  •  Install Sewer Clean-Out
  •  Connection to city utilities
  •  Video Pipe Inspections
  •  Grease Intercepter Installation


Grease Interceptors

A Grease Interceptor is an essential and mandatory unit for Orange County professional businesses to prevent grease from entering the wastewater disposal system. This device separates fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from wastewater. Interceptors are most frequently used to filter FOG from restaurant wastewater.

For this reason, nearly all municipalities require commercial kitchens to have some kind of interceptor device to collect the grease before it enters the sewer. Where FOG is a concern in the local wastewater collection system, communities have set up inspection programs to ensure that these grease traps and/or interceptors in Orange County are being maintained on a routine basis.

It is estimated 50% of all sanitary sewer overflows are caused by grease blockages with over 10 billion gallons of raw sewage spills annually.